General Store Supplies

General Store Supplies

Aloha! Anything from Backrooms Supplies, Merchandise Aids, Shopping Baskets and Register Paper we consider General Store Supplies. Every store has some items that are common for everyday operations and are a consent cost. Purchasing these from one business and in bulk will help you save on operation costs.

Backroom Supplies

American Retail Supply Hawaii doesn't forget about people behind the scenes that need backroom supplies to make the day to day duties a breeze and safety is also a factor. Items like box cutters, stretch wrap, tape guns and bubble wrap. Your shipping and receiving department will use most of these supplies everyday make sure to buy them in bulk so they never run out.

Merchandising Aids

Merchandise Aids are all those funky little products that you use with your product to help sell them. American Retail Supply Hawaii offers Merchandising Aids such as hook and clips, merchandise strips, hang tags and S hooks. Hang tags are an item you stick to your products to be able to hang the products on hooks. Merchandising Strips are used to hang and clip smaller items such chips by the checkout area.

Register Paper

American Retail Supply Hawaii offers a broad array of Cash Register Paper for retailers and shopkeepers to print out receipts for customers and for their record keeping purposes. We provide premium quality cash register paper to businesses to ensure that they are always getting the best products. You do not want to run out of cash register paper. Keep your retail store well supplied.

Shopping Baskets

Hand carry Shopping Baskets can increase your sales! Place these baskets around your store for your customers to use and they will buy more when they don't have to carry their merchandise around in their arms. Shopping Baskets come in 2 sizes and a handful of colors. The Express shopping basket is 11 1/2" x 17" x 8 1/2" Large shopping baskets are 13 1/2" x 19 1/2" x 10". If you are looking for a little higher end shopping basket the Mesh Wire shopping baskets are a great option.


Apparel stores and businesses that do trade shows can utilize steamers. These Steamers are available in standard or heavy-duty commercial steamers. We do carry some replacement parts as well. The steamers offer the power to remove wrinkles quickly and effectively, reducing the need to iron. Steam is so gentle that you can apply it to most any fabric without fear of scorching, unlike ironing. They are extremely versatile to use to remove wrinkles on clothing, tablecloths, bedspreads, and most any fabric.


Do you have the problem of your customers leaving make up on the clothing when trying on clothes to buy? If so they look into Try-On, also known as garment protectors. The mask is used to help protect t-shirts from getting makeup rubbed off on it from the customer. Try-On socks are great for shoe store to supply their customers to use when trying on shoes. Panty Try ons are used in swim suit shops to protect customers from germs.

Not finding what you need in our Honolulu office, feel free to visit our Mainland website. Please call 1-800-426-5708. Mahalo.

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