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EAS Labels & Tags

EAS Labels & Tags

Aloha! American Retail Supply Hawaii we know know that the use of EAS labels and tags are a great way to reduce shoplifting. We found that a consulting firm conducted an independent study and the results were astonishing. They found that the use of EAS labels and Tags reduced shoplifting by 69.79%, which is a large reduction. American Retail Supply Hawaii offers a large range of differnt EAS labels and tags designed to fit your every need. EAS labels are soft tags that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. These soft tags are great to use on shoes, perfumes, jewelry and other high theft items.

There are two different types of EAS labels, aggressive and non-aggressive. Aggressive EAS tags are designed to not be remove but simply deactivated. Non-aggressive tags are made to not be so abrasive on items and can be removed after purchase. The hard EAS tags will not damage clothing or fabric. EAS tags can be great for high priced items, shoes, jeans and just about anything you would need it for. American Retail Supply Hawaii has been selling EAS tags and labels for many years and would love to help you choose which tag/label works for you and your company. If you have any questions, please call 808-841-3661 Mahalo.

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