Jewelry Displays; Boxes & Packaging

Jewelry Displays; Boxes & Packaging

Aloha! American Retail Supply Hawaii is a one stop shop for all your Jewelry Display needs. We provide a large variety of different types of Jewelry Displays and Packaging. Items from Displays, Boxes, Labels, Jewelry Cards and Tags. You'll also find contemporary/modern design countertop displays.

Jewelry display

Choose from ring,necklace,earring and T-bar Displays to showcase your jewelry items to the maximum. You can find colors like Black, White and Linen when using Jewelry Displays try to pick a contrasting color to really make your jewelry pop. American Retail Supply Hawaii jewelry display stands use padded material, so it won’t damage your products.

Jewelry Boxes

American Retail Supply Hawaii offers a huge variety of colors and sizes. Natural Kraft, White or you can even find Colored Jewelry Boxes to match your Store's colors. Best of all, you can customize your selection by Hot-Stamping the Jewelry Boxes with your Store Logo. Most of these Boxes are made in the U.S.A. and are a great way to present your jewelry merchandise in a way your customers will remember.

Jewelry labels

Our labels are shaped like dumbbell with either a circle or square at each end. Jewelry tags and labels have a variety of sizes providing more space to write. Our jewelry labels are made of polyethylene fibers and are not sticky in the middle, only on the ends preventing it from sticking to the jewelry product.

Jewelry Trays

Create a stunning presentation with your jewelry at trade shows and other special events with jewelry trays, jewelry display pads and jewelry carrying case. American Retail Supply Hawaii jewelry trays and inserts can hold many earrings, rings, and bracelets. Jewelry inserts have compartments to place small jewelry, whereas jewelry trays can fit bigger jewelry.Our mix of jewelry trays and inserts are made of faux leather or velvet. All have padding to protect jewelry from easily scratching.

Not finding what you need in our Honolulu office, feel free to visit our Mainland website. Please call 1-800-426-5708. Mahalo.

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