Hangers & Sizers

Hangers & Sizers

Aloha! American Retail Supply Hawaii offers a wide variety of Clothing Hangers and Sizers. Most retail store use some type of hangers whether it is for clothing, scarfs, shorts or even blankets. Hangers are perfect for organizing your business. There is an old saying, "Use the right tool for the right job." The same could apply to hangers. A brief history, the shape came from the human shoulder and the first company to produce hangers in the U.S.A was Steinway & Co in the late 1800's.

Hanger Accessories

American Retail Supply has hanger accessories that protect your items from stretching and leaving creases like our foam covers and foam adhesives. While hanger slip grippers prevent clothes from falling while on display. Hanger stacker and clips are another type of accessories you need to keep your store organized. American Retail Supply Hawaii helps you to stay organized with our Hanger Storage System, Hanger Caddy Rack and hanger stacker helps keep you organized.

Plastic Hangers

Are you looking for affordable hangers for your retail store? American Retail Supply Hawaii has the Swivel Plastic Hangers which are the most common type of hanger used in retail stores today. They are light weight & inexpensive for the wallet. Do you sell clothing that are more delicate? We would recommend our wooden hangers, but our swivel plastic hangers are on the affordable side while not damaging the fabric.

Wooden Hangers

Is your store in need of a store lift? Wooden Hangers are known for their high-end quality and are meant to evoke comfort, warmth and sophistication. Wooden hangers are used in a wide variety of stores, such as; men clothing, women's clothing, sporting goods stores and luxury stores. Wooden Top hangers should be your choice if you are displaying jackets, dresses and shirts. American Retail Supply Hawaii has a selection of colors ranging from natural wood, walnut and black which are paired with a silver or brass hook. American Retail Supply can customize wooden hangers with your business logo to give a more personalized touch!


Use Size Dividers, Labels & Markers for organizing your apparel section. Whether you use dividers, labels or marker sizers staying organized will help you increase sales by making it easy for your customer to shop the garments on the racks and find their size, and a happy customer is a returning customer. Size dividers are used on the clothing rack itself while marker sizers attach to the top of the hanger.

Specialty Hangers

American Retail Supply Hawaii has multiple choices of Specialty Hangers. The 16" Satin Hanger can be used for hanging delicate garments. The 10" Lingerie Hanger are small and perfect to showcase your lingerie merchandise in your Store.

Not finding what you need in our Honolulu office, feel free to visit our Mainland website. Please call 1-800-426-5708. Mahalo.

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